Today, the IOC decided to postpone the 2020 Olympics as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. The 2020 Olympics will be pushed back until 2021 and likely will take place “no later than summer 2021,” according to International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. As for the scheduled 2024 summer […]

As the coronavirus continues to become more and more of a global pandemic overwhelming health care systems and digging financial holes for nations, the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday doubled down on its commitment hold the 2020 Games in Tokyo this summer, stunning athletes and other stakeholders who had been preparing for a postponement. Thomas […]

77-year-old, Dick Pound, the longest-serving IOC member told Associated Press’s Stephen Wade Tuesday that The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are more likely to be canceled than moved or rescheduled if by late May the coronavirus outbreak is deemed too dangerous to go ahead with the original schedule. Per Wade, the Canadian former swimming champion explained why May […]