Travis Scott announces new initiative “Project HEAL”. Pegged as a multi-tier plan, the endeavor is aimed to aid mainly marginalized and at-risk communities through a set of community-driven, humanitarianism initiatives. The website for Project HEAL explains, “At the conclusion of this research, HEAL, together with the US Conference of Mayors, will assist in the creation […]

This Friday, “The Shop” is coming back with their fifth season on Youtube. “The Shop” executive produced by LeBron James and his long-time friend Mav Carter brings athletes, musicians, actors, and other interesting individuals in the barbershop to have conversations about their professions and other things. The first episode of this season features LeBron and […]

After being discontinued in 2013 after two seasons, the hit UK crime-drama series “Top Boy” was revived with the help of Drake and Netflix in 2019 releasing the 3rd Season exclusively on the platform which prompted more American viewers and higher global ratings. Now, two years after Season 3 ended, Netflix has announced we’ll be […]

Draymond Green has signed a unique deal with Turner Sports. Draymond Green will join Inside the NBA and other Turner Sports and Bleacher Report content whenever his schedule permits. Draymond is the only active player on Turner Sports roster of analysts and will be a commentator, analyst, interviewer among other things under the Turner Sports […]

As the excitement and anticipation for Netflix’s 3-part Kanye West documentary “Jeen-Yuhs” grows, Kanye has taken to instagram to express his disdain with how he’s being portrayed in the Netflix exclusive. Friday morning Kanye posted a image on instagram of himself with a caption reading “I’m going to say this kindly for the last time I […]