In Episode 15 Regvs breaks down the unique shirt he designed where he placed numerous hidden messages in plain sight within. Highlighting the incarceration of African American males, the “expiration” date that is systematically placed on African American males and much more seems very fitting in today’s society as we see more police brutality and injustice going on daily Regvs speaks out through this shirt. Check out Episode 15 below.



Virginia is home to many of hip hops well known producers such as Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Lex Luger and many more the list could go on all day. Today in Episode 13 we catch up with potentially the next one to be on that illustrious list Andre Palace. The 23 year old from Chesapeake breaks down how he created one of his most intricate beats to date not to mention the beat ended up being the theme music for our Black & White Behind The Art Series. Check out Andre’s creative process below.

Today in Episode 12 of our Black & White: Behind The Art series we catch up with a lyrical genius in the 26 year old Bmix from Woodbridge, VA. Bmix’s standout single ‘New Edition’ garnering 21K plays on soundcloud speaks on different facets of being a black man in a systematticaly injustice society using double entendres like “Cocaine white forces, and I ain’t talking Ronald Reagan” and much more which he explains in depth below.


In Episode 10 of our series we catch up with a street artist that goes by the name “Walking Houses”. Although at first coming off as sounding like something out of a fictional book Christopher Revels explains thoroughly how important this movement he has started is for him and why it should be important for us all. Check out Episode 10 below.

In Episode 8 of our Black & White: Behind The Art series we catch up with singer Paige Joiner as she shares the story behind her emotional lyrics from her song ‘Basics’ about a females relations with a guy she shouldn’t be with and how the situation relates not only to herself but also to other young females in todays society.

Today’s Episode of Black & White : Behind The Art we catch up with the superbly lyrical and knowledgable Era Hardaway. Era decided to break down a few bars from his standout track ‘On The Lo’ which may just seem to be a great song with a catchy hook at first listen however the bars are way deeper than what you would expect. Check out Episode 7 below.