Bottega Veneta Returns To Social Media with the Release of a Digital Quarterly Journal

After suddenly choosing to delete all of their social media accounts earlier this year, Bottega Veneta has returned to social media with the release of a digital quarterly journal entitled “Issue”. The journal, which features original photography, film, images of the collection and more will publish online four times a year, and coincide with the launch of the Bottega collections in store. In a press release with WWD, Creative Director Daniel Lee said “It’s about allowing people to immerse themselves into our world — by taking their time rather than scrolling past on a feed, a slower pace in consuming culture today.” furthering in the release Lee states “social media represents the homogenization of culture. I feel that everyone constantly sees the same stream of information. As a creative, I find that very limiting. At Bottega Veneta, we are all about promoting individuality, so we just wanted to do it our way.” Issue 01 launched online Wednesday with a variety of collaborators of different ages, talents and backgrounds including Barbara Hulanicki, Missy Elliott and Tyrone Lebon.