Biggest Takeaways From Antonio Brown’s Appearance On ‘I Am Athlete’

For the last decade, Antonio Brown has been arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. Along with his elite level of play, Antonio has developed a reputation for being one of the league’s more volatile players too. Just a few weeks ago, Brown made waves through the sports world after he exited the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. New York Jets game dramatically. Brown took off all of his equipment and ran off of the field while throwing the deuces to the fans. Right after the game, Brown was seen taking a Uber and he even dropped a song the same day. Brown did make one a public appearance to speak about the situation on another podcast, but this time around Brown made an appearance on the ‘I Am Athlete’ show. In the time between, Brown has been seen all over social media in memes, he was seen with Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, and Madonna, and has been a daily topic on all of the biggest sports shows.

Over the last couple of years, the ‘I Am Athlete’ show, hosted by Brandon Marshall has brung on many athletes and other figures in the culture. The show provides a transparent space for the guest to come on and have real conversations about whatever topic they may discuss in that particular episode. From managing finances, parenthood, mental health, and behind the curtains of the sports world, the show covers it all. On the latest episode, Brown made an appearance on the show and had a deep conversation with Brandon Marshall, Nick Young, and Jared Odrick to discuss his recent events as well as things that took place over his career that has made Brown who is today. Here are our biggest takeaways from Brown’s appearance on the ‘I Am Athlete’ show.

AB is Smarter Than What The Media Portrays Him To Be

As stated earlier, Antonio Brown has been one of the more volatile players in the NFL. With his outbursts and fall out with the team in Pittsburgh, his brief but eventful time in Oakland, and his most recent departure from the Bucs, a Brown has grown a negative stigma around him. In the interview, Brown explained his reason for reacting the way he did in Tampa Bay. He felt mistreated his entire time in Tampa Bay by Bruce Arians and the front office and was very frustrated while dealing with a nagging injury. He took offense to the way Arians spoke to him and reacted in a way that was a culmination of over a year of frustrations. Brown also cleared the narrative about him being frustrated about his bonus and explained that that was the least of his concern. AB further talked about his legacy, and what it meant to him. The Hall of Fame and the stats only meant so much to him. He didn’t go about things the conventional way and was determined to stand on the principles he was raised on no matter the circumstance. AB understood everything that would come with him leaving that field, and if given a chance to do it over he wouldn’t change a thing.

Antonio Brown Breaks Down His Views On Mental Health

A major topic of the NFL has been CTE and its effects on current and former players. One question that many asked is what if Brown was suffering from those effects. Once again, Brown talked about his mental health and the things he had to deal with growing up, and in his time in the NFL. Marshall and Brown discussed the mistreatment of players in the NFL every day and how they must deal with certain things for them to ensure their next payday. AB explained the meaning of his song “Pit Not The Palace” and the song’s origins. The song came from a conversation that AB had with his uncle about life and that inspired AB to write that song. Brown said that he used music as a way to express himself off the field.

Antonio Brown Is Not Done With Football But Is Comfortable With Walking Away

Despite all the baggage that Brown may bring to a team, no one has ever questioned his work ethic. He didn’t become the player that he is today on accident. At age 33, Brown still proved that he has more than enough left in the tank. When talking to Marshall about the future of his career, he said that he would like to go to Baltimore to play with fellow South Floridian Lamar Jackson. He did make it apparent that he refuses to go and beg teams to give him a chance and sign him. Brown is very comfortable with who is he and he knows that he can still play at a high level. He also pointed out that he didn’t want to see his career plateau and then plummet as other great wideouts have done in the past.

Antonio Brown is still Antonio Brown. His charisma and confidence were apparent in every second of the show and he made his presence felt as he does anywhere. From the metallic Balenciaga shades to the billion Dollar smile, no matter what’s going on, where he is, AB always is going to be AB. Watch the full show below now:

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