Beyoncé releases formation visual

Yesterday Beyonce who is set to perform with Coldplay at this years Super Bowl released a visual for her latest single ‘Formation’. In this visual Beyoncé is seen paying homage to her mothers home state of Louisiana. She is seen laying atop a New Orleans police car submerged in water hinting towards Hurricane Katrina. Also throughout the video she calls out haters numerous times stating “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess, Paparazzi catch my fly and my cocky fresh”. It is obvious Beyoncé is very proud of her roots as she has multiple lines within the song talking about her being of African American decent like “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros, I like my negro nose with my Jackson five nostrils” then she goes on to have a scene within the video where there are police officers with their hands up standing across from a wall that reads “Stop Shooting Us” hinting towards the multiple officer shootings of African Americans in recent history. Beyoncé doesn’t seem to miss out on anything with the choreographed dancing in this video it is perfect in typical Beyoncé fashion. Blue Ivy also makes an appearance for a short period in the video. Check out the Mike-Will-Madeit produced, Swae Lee co-written track below I guarantee you will be impressed with both the song and visual.

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