Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Every year, the Super Bowl draws millions of viewers to the screen. With the mix of hardcore fans and casual fans, the game brings in more eyes than any sporting event. With those millions of viewers, companies bring out all of the stops every year to put on great entertaining commercials, some hit the bullseye and of course, there were some misses. With that being said, here are our best and worst commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.

General Motors: DR. EVil

General Motors tapped the Michael Myers and the crew from the famed Austin Powers movies of the early 90s and early 2000s. This time, Myers brought back Dr. Evil to promote General Motors new EV cars. Dr. Evil hilariously tries to make up a diabolical plan to plan to save the world with the new car, and then conquer the world. Also, the banter back and forth and the homage to the old films back the nostalgia that made the movies great.

Michelob Ultra: Ultrabowl

Michelob Ultra brought out in an All-Star cast of athletes, literally. With the likes of Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler and a special guest appearance from Serena Williams, the cast all battled it out in a dramatic bowling match at the “Superior Bowl” bowling alley. With famed actor Steve Buscemi adding his nuance, the commercial makes for a hilarious and light-hearted ad that was very enjoyable.

LeBron James and made a unique commercial that featured a present day LeBron James and a computer generated LeBron from 2003. In the commercial, the younger LeBron is seen in his room asking present LeBron about all the things of the future like cordless headphones, electric cars and watching movies on the phone. With easter eggs of all the things from that period like the Slam Magazine covers, posters, and even a mixtape for his longtime wife Savannah, you can tell this is a setting LeBron remade. The two then come in for a moment when young LeBron asks if he is ready for the NBA. The hindsight makes the commercial sentimental while advertising

NFL Bring The House

The NFL put together a special commercial with some of the games best from the present and the last, this time though, the whole thing was animated. The characters came to life from the video game to cause a ruckus inside of the house.

Larry David FTX “Don’t Miss Out”

Larry David takes a spin through history to foolishly and hilariously put down some of histories greatest ideas and creations. From the making of the wheel to man landing on the moon, David courses through time to give his negative advice.

Kia:Robo Dog

Kia is promoting their new electric car with a dog that falls in love with the vehicle. The commercial to me is nice, but the whole dog running across the city idea was kind of lazy to me. The dog being the star and going through ‘Hell and high water‘ to chase the car, die and then get charged again was kind of stupid.

Uber Don’t Eats

Yet another commercial that tried to hard to force the funny and resorted to doing stupid stuff to make it seem funny. Very corny and forced, but I guess that’s what sells these days.

Flamin’ Hot Doritos

Doritos has had some classic commercials in the past, with the “Don’t touch my doritos, Don’t touch my Mama” commercial from years ago coming to mind first. This one takes some animals randomly eating the chips in a forest from a traveler dropping them, and then the animals make a beat from the sound effects AND THEN dancing to Push It by Salt-n-Pepa. Once again lazy attempt to make the animals the comedic relief and dancing to the song.

Mike Cyrus for T-Mobile

Just stupid to be completely honest.

Meta Quest: Old Friends

The commercial starts off at an old play area, similar to what Chuck E. Cheese was. The mechanic animals in this commercial play music until the establishment is closed and the main mechanic animal finds his self being tossed around and neglected by many different people. It then finds it self at a museum where a teenage puts VR glasses on his eyes. He gets a chance to revisit his old friends from the old establishment and plays music once again with them. It was a nice idea, sentimental, but in my opinion kind of off putting for what could’ve been a better commercial for Meta.