Best After Bobby Two

Yesterday, just in time for end of the summer festivities, Dom Kennedy dropped a new mixtape entitled Best After Bobby Two. The mixtape is hosted by LA Leakers and here is the tracklist via Dom’s instagram.

At first listen you definitely get the chill vibe you expect from the west coast rapper but can’t help but to get the feeling he is becoming lazy in the deliverance of his music. This is same man who brought us The Original Dom Kennedy, Westside 1 & 2, as well as The Yellow Album! Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely tracks worth listening to, such as Brooklyn and Sundays on Crenshaw. But there are also songs like All Black Chucks where he attempts to rap over a looped sample from Beyonce’s 7/11 that definitely doesn’t showcase Dom’s best work. Overall I would deem the project worth listening to, after all it is just a mixtape and it’s still Dom Kennedy. Listen to Best After Bobby Two here and see what you think:

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