Ben Baller And Kaws Collaborate On Kid Cudi’s New $1Million Chain

Ben Baller and Kaws have teamed up on a custom $1 million chain for Kid Cudi.

The chain is an 18K gold piece in the shape of a Kaws character featuring a backpack compartment said to store “emergency weed”.

Ben Baller took to Instagram to explain more of the custom piece titled, “Space”,

“This is the most detailed and intricate piece of jewelry I’ve ever created in my entire career. From the micro pavé setting on the wrinkles & hoses in the astronaut suit to the functional backpack(has a secret compartment) Thank you KAWS for trusting me to make this piece to the superior #KAWSstandard. Thanks to my entire team at @ifandco as we had to shut down our entire factory for 3 months to make this. Thank you @kidcudi for the vision and our friendship, we always take it to the next next next level.”