Been servin that ether before I did features…….

First, Vince Staples is absolutely awesome and in Señorita he displayed every reason why I personally put Vince Staple in the YOUNG GREAT category. The dude absolutely rips this shit and the song has a freaking Future cosign. A FUTURE COSIGN. In short, I really like this song. The song is set to be on Staples debut album Summertime ’06. Even though I really really like the song the video is what takes this song the next level. Staple’s chooses to depict a ghetto war zone consisting of all of what a Los Angles hood has to offer( gangs, guns, violence, sex, and prostitution) being shot at by un-shown entity. ( future’s ad-lib’s were FIRE). But the twist to this picture is with all this violence happening a family was watching the acts as entertainment. Even though it was a lot to take in the concept was rad. Staples won with this joyride!! Do me a favor and watch this one, but watch it when you have nothing to do ,due to having to watch it a couple of times to catch everything.

Been servin that ether before I did features……

Thanks for reading……….

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