Bandup Gotti Releases New EP “Heaven Sent With Sinful Ways”

Bandup Gotti released a new EP titled “Heaven Sent With Sinful Ways.” The EP comes with three just songs, but it is filled with storytelling about Bandup Gotti’s growth as a man and artist. Gotti spoke on the EP saying, “It came together piece by piece but overall the process was learning how to adapt. I’ve been thru mad phases of rap in a short time so now it’s about going where I’ve never been. Sticking to the script and holding my end of the bargain for my team.”

Gotti also worked with producers Gusto and ReefOnMars, two talented maestros who he’s worked with frequently on various other projects.

“Working with them boys doesn’t feel like work,” Gotti said on Gusto and ReefOnMars. “They both bring a lot to the table with creativity so it makes my job easier when coming up with concepts. I bring my real-life situations to songs and the production is the base to that foundation.”

Listen to “Heaven Sent With Sinful Ways.” by Bandup Gotti below now:

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