Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar Release Song And Visual “Family Ties”

Baby Keem has tapped his older cousin Kendrick Lamar on one of the most creative and high energy songs and visuals released this year, “Family Ties.” The visual starts off with scene one, featuring a crowd of black men jumping up and down before visuals of Keem overlays, stacking on top of each other continually throughout the video. Sonically, the horn sample in the beat behind Baby Keem’s voice set the tone for the song.

About halfway through Baby Keem’s verse, the beat switches, but he keeps on flowing. That is when the song and visual takes yet another turn and this is where Kendrick Lamar makes his entrance. In scene 2 of the video, Kendrick delivers a blistering verse, blasting his competition with his first words “smoking on your top 5 tonight.” He continues on delivering a super energetic performance throughout the visual.

The video then cuts to the preview that was released yesterday of Keem, Kendrick and Normani in a stretch SUV driving on what looks like a highway. Kendrick rolls down the window and spits, then reaches for a gun and fires at the camera. Between Kendrick Lamar dancing, the pgLang flag waving, and the continuous overlay of multiple visuals at the same time, the song delivers a controlled chaos feel. Take a look at the visual for “Family Ties” below: