Skywelkin throwing an event? The majority of us have seen or attended one before, but this time the Norfolk based company decided to throw an event with jet skis and a beach house with some of the hottest DJs in the area along with taking the time to include alternatives to pork and beef for […]

The past two years have been tough for Kanye West fans as most have abandoned the once beloved Chicago native that created classic hip hop albums College Dropout and Late Registration. Last year Kanye openly supported president Donald Trump, is said to be the key piece that started a hip hop war between Drake and […]

Norfolk based event collective Shake prides themselves on not throwing your traditional “Parties” but throwing uniquely curated events instead. Ask anyone in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and we can guarantee they have been to Shakes Munchie Market, Tales From The Grip, Shakesgivining or any of the other carefully curated events. The list truly goes on […]

If you talk to any streetwear connoisseur over 85% of them will tell that their “GOAT” is Nigo. Widely known for founding legendary streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE), the 48 year old Japanese designer stepped away from Bape some years ago and now focuses primarily on his current streetwear brand Human Made. Over the […]

Al-Doms has returned with a new track titled Mustard Seed where he raps about having relentless faith and planting seeds with hook “preacher told me plant that mustard seed, a little faith is all a n**** need” referring to the biblical verse and common terminology utilized in Christianity where it is believed that having the […]