Russell Okung, a lineman for the Carolina Panthers, will be the first NFL player and the first player in the four major American sports leagues to get paid in Bitcoin. Okung will get half of his $13 million salary paid in bitcoin. Okung made the request last year, and it’s finally being fulfilled. The process […]

This week’s NFL matchups had some profound playoff implications. Some teams had their hopes of competing in the postseason wiped away while others’ hope is still alive. Here’s a recap of Week 16 of the 2020 NFL Season. Week 16 was kicked off on Christmas when the Saints hosted the Minnesota Vikings. These two teams […]

This week, several teams’ playoff hopes were thrown out of the window while others kept them alive. Let’s see how things turned out in Week 14 of the NFL Season. Week 14 kicked off with the Rams hosting the New England Patriots. Rams rookie RB Cam Akers had a big night, running for 171 yards. […]