With virtually no PS5’s in stores, one company has emerged to have some in stock, with a special nostalgia attached. A company named SUP3R5 has been taking pre-orders on PS2 themed PS5’s. SUP3R5 brings the classic logo and color scheme from the PS2 to the PS5. The white faceplates and black logos have been replaced […]

The NFL regular-season finale was make or break for several teams to advance to the playoffs. Some teams were fighting for playoff seeding, while others were going for draft position. Here’s a recap of the action from Week 17 of the NFL. The Ravens came out vs. the Bengals divisional game. It was essentially a […]

This week’s NFL matchups had some profound playoff implications. Some teams had their hopes of competing in the postseason wiped away while others’ hope is still alive. Here’s a recap of Week 16 of the 2020 NFL Season. Week 16 was kicked off on Christmas when the Saints hosted the Minnesota Vikings. These two teams […]