Artel Carter Returns With “Yellow House”

Have you listened to Artel Carter’s new project,“Yellow House”? Released just over two weeks ago, the album has been buzzing in the area. For good reason. Coming off a music hiatus with this release, Carter put out a fun and authentic album filled with candid, relatable lyricism, wrapped up in his signature flows. The project was produced almost entirely by Yellow House members, Gabe Niles, Ced Hughes, and Justin Battle, and also features production by Gary Donna of Sunny & Gabe. Carter’s iconic voice coupled with production by staple 757 producers made for a perfect representation of Virginia music. The project has been well received and is poised to be a promising launch point in Carter’s career. The project was named after the house, which was indeed yellow, that was occupied by the RBLE collective for years. Many people in the area have fond memories in the Yellow House, which has gone down in history for its creative energy and legendary house parties. The project “Yellow House” wonderfully memorializes the era.