Apple Delivers Their Keynote Address

Today Was one of Apple’s biggest days of the year, where CEO Tim Cook delivered it’s Keynote address revealing new Apple products to the world. At the address a few new pieces of Apple software were announced for release in the upcoming future. Apple has confirmed the debut of the new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro! The phones were featured with better capabilities on the camera, including a dual camera for wide and ultra wide spaces on the 11 & a triple rear camera with even more enhanced features for the 11 pro. It featured upgrades to portrait mode & the selfie camera as well. A couple of new features on the devices were also released . One known as Quick Take for the 11 will allow users to switch from video to camera interchangeably without altering the frame. The iPhone 11 pro will have a feature known as Deep Fusion which will take 9 images from each photo and optimize the pixels to create an unbelievably high quality photo. The devices will be available for preorder September 20 with an asking price of $999 for the 11 & $1099 for the pro. Apple released details on its new Apple Watch which will feature an always on screen, with a full 18 hour life cycle and international calling capabilities. These releases aren’t even a handful of the amazing technological advances Apple is releasing this fall. Tune in to the keynote address here.

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