Anything Can Happen At The Night Show.

Travi$ Scott has delivered once again! With the help of East Bound and Wondagurl the tandem (without the help of Partynextdoor) deliver a  subdued track appropriately titled: Antidote. The track offers a more atmospheric sound, a sound not expected by the self-proclaimed King of Rage. Faintly similar to Days Before The Rodeo’s: Drugs You Should Try it, Travis gives a glimpse of his idea of  kick ass weekend. A weekend full of drugs, alcohol,  3 peats, money, kicking camera men off of stages (lol), and being in complicated situations with girls that may be related. Unfortunately the track will not be featured on Scotts debut album Rodeo, which opens the conversation of is Travis going to release another mixtape before the highly anticipated album.  I guess we can only wait and see. Take a listen to Scott’s latest installment, Antidote below


Had to catch a flight for the night show…..


Spending a check again this weekend!

Stay Cool…….

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