Al-Doms Releases “Prescribed Overdose”

Al-Doms released his new project “Prescribed Overdose.” Al-Doms built up anticipation for the album throughout the summer with singles like “Apparent”, “HAHA” feat. Pusha T and his latest single “Sincerely.” Each song on the project delivers another side of Doms. Songs like “Big Deal” offer a more bravado and confident version of Doms while “Sincerely” offers an introspective side. Every song on the “Prescribed Overdose” offers lyrics and sounds that draw you in and make you pay attention to every word. The project comes with 13 songs and a runtime of 27 minutes with production from Benjamin Bradley, Jahaan Sweet, Bijan Amir, and more.

Listen to “Prescribed Overdose” by Al-Doms below now:

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