Al-Doms Releases ‘New Dream’

The ascension of Al-Doms has been one that is nothing short of meteoric, but unlike meteors his luminescence is on the path to stand the test of time. He has consistently put out hit records followed by cinematic visuals and the culmination of that hard work has birthed the ‘New Dream’, his first LP since leaving his home state of Virginia.

The project is a complete masterpiece from top to bottom, starting with an intro that immediately encapsulates expert lyricism with car rattling 808s that leads well into the first few tracks. But Al-Doms is full of pleasant surprises as he steps into an entirely different dimension on the last two records of the album, one that is steeped in melodies and a rare emotion that we don’t often see from him, sentimentality.

This is most notable on the final record of the project ‘I Wonder’ as Doms spills his heart out about the memory of his friend who tragically passed Isaiah. He sings “Dreams where do they go when we die, I wonder if it matters at all.” Rising R&B star and the only feature on the project Eric Penn complements the record with a serenading touch as Doms finishes it off with an amazing message and flow.

‘New Dream’ features 9 songs and has a runtime of 24 minutes 36 seconds. Listen to the project below.

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