‘A Snowy Day In VA’

Like much of the east coast this weekend Virginians have been stricken to their homes due to a winter snow storm. Aware Avenue & Vinny Del Sol of Virginia powerhouse music group RBLE have linked up to create a mix compromised of Virginia native artist. The mix includes numerous styles of songs, Incorporating everything from up tempo vibrant sound songs from Sunny & Gabe to the trap sound of Young Crazy. Simply put this mix shows the true “melting pot” style of Virginia music in raw form. Take a listen below.

  1. Bando – Baby E ft. Lil Wayne
  2. Decemba – $ilkmoney (prod.) ICYTWAT
  3. ü – Gure (prod.) Bang Loud
  4. $ On The Dresser – Vinny Del Sol (prod.) Sledgren
  5. WTF Is Young Crazy – Young Crazy
  6. Wave – Royal Swerve
  7. Boom Bye (Dance) – Lacree Saint LeRay
  8. Okay, Alight  – Greg Aram
  9. Far Away – Billy Mercury
  10. Moon Light – Arch Ares
  11. Sweet VA Breeze – D.R.A.M
  12. Mojo – Mike Strong
  13. Waves – Levi Carter Ft. Key!
  14. Champion – Max Fullard Ft. Artel Carter
  15. Fall In Love – Gold Link Ft. Ciscero
  17. GooD – Ced Hughes (prod.) Ced Hughes
  18. Birdies! – 90s Pimp Ft. Bobby Blaze & Treezlowkey
  19. Von x  Henny – (prod.) Andre Palace
  20. To The Max – Treez Lowkey  & Take a Daytrip
  21. Dirty Dancing – Sunny & Gabe

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