A Look Into The Trump Administrations Claims Of Voter Fraud

Despite the results of the 2020 election which shows Joe Biden as the President Elect of the United States through both the electoral collage and the popular vote, the trump administration has refused to concede the election.

They are spewing a claim without evidence that there is wide spread voter fraud afoot in the election, seeking lawsuits in multiple battleground states to change the decision.

The administration claims that illegal votes have been counted in multiple states, citing laws within states about the time of receiving ballots being casted after Election Day. With record turnout in the most voted election in modern history states were overwhelmed with counting a variety of different ballots by the millions delivered before Election Day which in many states were counted after Election Day votes.

The first votes to be counted in many states were the votes casted on election day, followed by the counting of the millions of mail in ballots. Many election experts, the media, and government officials alike have called the trump administrations claims baseless and a waste of time.

Despite the lack of evidence, the highest level law enforcement agency The Department of Justice headed by attorney general William Barr is weaponizing the department to investigate the claims by the Trump Administration. In an internal memo sent out on Monday, Barr authorized US attorneys to investigate substantial allegations of voter fraud. Barr was appointed directly by Trump and has been known for his loyalty to the president, even trying to use his positions status to shield the president from accused crimes such as sexual assault.

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