Sækyi Hosts First “Sækyi & Friends” Show

Yesterday at The Pocket in Washington D.C., Saekyi held his first “Sækyi & Friends” show. Friends and fans trickled their way into the intimate venue to watch some of Virginia’s most talented artists perform. As the lights dimmed, Eric Penn took the stage first to kick off the show. Penn performed songs “Heaven” and “Sinking Sands” and the singer’s vocals had the crowd’s direct attention the entire time. Penn got even more engaged with the crowd as he had both sides of the room singing harmoniously. Penn concluded his set by performing his new single “Time Out”, and the fast-paced beat gave the room infectious energy that had everyone moving.

Portsmouth rapper Jesse Boone then emerged from the crowd and onto the stage where he changed the pace. Boone performed songs like”Over East”, “Rubberband”, and “Cut”, and an untitled unreleased song that had The Pocket” locked into every syllable he rapped. Boone took command of the room with his stage presence as he took a moment to rap acapella. Boone delivered a plethora of clever metaphors that had everyone in the room saying “ouuue”.

After Boone concluded his set, he then welcomed the man of the hour, Sækyi to the stage for the final set of the show. Sækyi took a moment to deliver an emotional monologue to thank all who were in attendance and talk about what it meant to him. With the mixture of strobe lights, his music, and the energy from the crowd, Sækyi put on a stellar performance. He performed his songs that featured Eric Penn, Cammy Dub$, Tommy Richman, and more and all of the artists eventually shared the stage.

Sækyi spoke about having a sold-out show with his name on it saying how important it all was that various people invested their time and money into him from the beginning. Sækyi credited God for also directing his steps over the course of time and lighting the path in his career. From seeing his music in a blog post, seeing people receive his music well, or opting not to make music a certain way or do a feature, he gave all the credit to God for helping him this far. Sækyi also spoke on the importance of patience throughout his career. “I’ve been working on my next tape for over a year and a half and I see other artists doing all these things, I go and tell my managers like ‘Yo, I got to get off the bench.’ Doms going crazy, Jesse going crazy, Eric going crazy but in that time, it’s helped me sculpt something out that I love and make something that people can feel.”

The first “Sækyi & Friends” gave Northern Virginia artists a much-needed spotlight on the talent that they have in that area with one of the most talented artists there.