Takashi Murakami Releases His First-Ever NFT Artwork

Takashi Murakami took to instagram Monday with an extensive post explaining the launch of his first-ever NFT and the reasoning he decided to step into the digital art field. The world-renowned Japanese artist has released a set of 108 variations of his signature flowers, a number that signifies earthly desires in buddishm — in OpenSea, the current largest NFT marketplace. In the post Murakami says during the pandemic, he watched the way his children interacted with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how the reality of the virtual world was changing. “They were watching some fireworks display within the game while talking with their school friends, who they could no longer meet in person, through Zoom, admiring how beautiful it was, I saw the reality of the shifting values when I realized that these children could discern beauty within a virtual world. From then on, I started to change my ways of creative expressions and approaches entirely.

Murakami then wrote about how he and Yoshihisa Hashimoto — former director of Sonic Unleashed and the Hedgehog Engine came together to help each other explore the realities of digital art. The two now plan to work on more projects including a including a series of NFT works that feature Murakami’s signature flowers in 24 x 24 pixel. Check out all 108 variations here now.

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