HBO Shares Trailer For ‘Euphoria’ Holiday Special

No it’s not Season 2 of the HBO teen drama show, ‘Euphoria’ that caught everyone’s attention last season, however HBO has shared the trailer for the series “Holiday Special” episode entitled “Rue: Part 1.” Picking up immediately after the Season 1 finale of the show, which left many shocked fans taking to social media to share their thoughts, the trailer places a focal point on Zendaya’s Rue Bennett. The trailer comes not long after Zendaya teased the episode on Twitter with a pair of posters that warned, “THIS IS NOT SEASON 2.” The holiday special is set to release on HBO Max December 6th and judging from the wording HBO and Zendaya have used to describe it as “Rue: Part 1,” Part 2 should be arriving some time soon also.

Watch the trailer here.

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