Jeezy Releases “The Recession 2”

Jeezy has released his long-awaited album ‘The Recession 2’ a sequel to ‘The Recession’ which released in 2008. Jeezy has described the album as one inspired by strength with the cover art showing him wearing a beret. Jeezy had the following to say about the cover art and how it resonates with the album “It’s what you saw when you saw the strong men, shades, berets, all-black pants with the strong boots. It was a mindset. It was militant, but it was smart. It was united. And when I started making this project, that’s what I was making it for, for us to unite, celebrate, because we are strong.” Notable features on the album include Rick Ross, E40, Yo Gotti, and a surprise feature from pop artist Demi Lovato. Take a listen to the album below now.

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