Space Jam: A New Legacy Plot Leaked

Space Jam, which starred Michael Jordan, was a classic, but when Warner Bros. announced that a sequel starring LeBron James was on the horizon, many wondered how they could follow up.

It seems like the plot of the sequel has leaked. Here’s a quick summary.

LeBron James and his son are on a trip to Warner Bros. Studio when LeBron and son are trapped in a world with all of Warner Bros. stories and characters. An all-powerful force named Al G(played by Don Cheadle) is the cause of this. LeBron must recruit the help of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes to find their way through a new world filled with scenes and characters from iconic movies to save his son. And of course, to settle the matter, LeBron has to play a basketball game against digital super-versions of today’s WNBA and NBA stars with the eyes of the world watching to defeat Al G.

Expect to see Space Jame: A New Legacy in theaters July 2021.

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