Denim Tears’ Pan-American Converse Chuck 70 Receive Official Release Date

Tremaine Emory, founder/owner of Denim Tears’ has announced his Pan-American Converse Chuck 70 and will release on his website October 22nd. The sneakers donning the Red, Black and Green to commemorate Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African Flag symbolize the bloodshed of justice seekers, the Black race and African vegetation. Emory also stated both the high and low iteration of the Chuck 70 speak to his belief that Black artists deserve celebration as much, if not more, than white counterparts. The proceeds of the sneaker will be going to For Freedom and Black Lives Matter just as one would expect from a justice seeker like Emory.

Below are the specific efforts listed on Nike’s webpage regarding the release

The efforts include:

1. Converse and Denim Tears enlisted For Freedoms, an artist collective that models and aims to increase civic joy, discourse and direct action, as the campaign’s creative partner. Converse will release a short film in late October that features Tremaine Emory and Hank Willis Thomas, artist and founder of For Freedoms, that aims to express the positive impact of civic engagement. Converse will also release a graphic voting series created by For Freedoms both digitally and physically.

2. Converse, Denim Tears and For Freedoms have partnered with the Whitaker Group, a Black-owned experiential retailer by James Whitner, to distribute the new graphic series in five states — Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas — which is focused on education, awareness and encouraging the Black community to show up to the polls.  

3. Converse provided an additional monetary contribution to voting initiatives, in support of Emory’s goals of raising awareness in civic engagement. This work will further the efforts of Converse’s ongoing Vote campaign, which has seen more than 20,000 people register to vote or check their registration status at Tyler, the Creator, Alexis Sablone and Sage Elsesser have all participated in this effort.

4. will donate all proceeds of the Converse footwear collaboration from sales beginning October 22, to further the missions of For Freedoms and Black Voters Matter.

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