Tyler The Creator Urges Fans To Vote

The 2020 election is gearing up to be one of the most polarizing elections in modern history, with a slew of highly contestable ideals clashing at the polls this fall .

A number of celebrities have for the first time used their platforms and voices In order to urge their fans and supporters to vote.

The latest celebrity to use his platform in this way is Tyler The Creator, who earlier today via an emotional video on Twitter urged his fans to get out to the polls and vote this election. He also admitted that this would be his first time casting a ballot to vote as well.

Tyler The Creator said, “This is actually gonna be my first time voting, I’ve seen the light… A lot of y’all gonna be like ‘Ehhh, my vote doesn’t matter and they’re gonna pick who they want… Y’all want a new DA? Pull up. Y’all want all these rights… Pull up.”

Watch the video here.

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