DJ Critical Hype Fuses Well Known Andre 3000 Verses With Tyler The Creator’s Beats

DJ Critical Hype is well known for his utilization of fusing unexpected artist together, inevitably creating cohesive tracks. His most recent work features Andre 3000’s most famous verses over Tyler, The Creator’s production.The track list features 34 songs running 81 minutes.

DJ Critical hype explains how the collaboration came to be in an interview with Pigeons and Planes, “… got in touch with me, which is fcking crazy. I released the cover art on my social media and dropped a couple short snippets, and I guess Tyler heard about it somehow. In July he DMed me on Twitter out the blue and said, “Dude where the fck is the André IGOR?” He sent me two unreleased beats from IGOR — “WHAT’S GOOD” and “A BOY IS A GUN*” — and has been mad cool. after [Tyler] listened he DM’d me back and said, ‘Wow.’ It was a short and sweet response but was incredible to hear positive feedback from such an amazing producer.”

-Sydney Stewart

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