Illegal Civ’s ‘North Hollywood’ Film Receives Rejection Letter From Hollywood Distributor Despite Support From Skate Community

A little over 2-years ago Illegal Civ’s Mikey Alfred, producer of Jonah Hill’s Skate Film, Mid-90’s announced he would be setting out to create his own skate film entitled ‘North Hollywood.’ The film is a fully-realized story-driven drama set against the backdrop of a coming of age story and features cameos/support from the likes of Pharrell, Tony Hawk, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones and more. However, Alfred’s directorial debut seems to be getting snubbed by Hollywood distributors as Alfred took to instagram to share a rejection letter from a distributor who claimed the film “was too small” and “too specific,” thus it “didn’t feel like a fit for any of the release platforms” or even wide release. In response, Illegal Civ received 32K likes via Instagram post along with 14K comments from supporters and a bevy of big time names spreading the message saying the film should be released. Notable skate magazine Thrasher even said “A viewer doesn’t need to know the difference between a nollie flip and nollie heel to follow along and appreciate Ryder’s dilemma in the film”

Watch the trailer here and stay tuned for more information soon.

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