The NBA Postpones Playoff Games

The NBA has postponed all playoff games in the wake of the shooting by police of another unarmed black man, Jacob Blake. Jacob was shot 7 times in the back by police in front of his three children, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. ⁣NBA players had been in talks on how to protest the shootings from the bubble & the idea was floated to not play their scheduled games. Starting with the Orlando Magic & Milwaukee Bucks game, as the Orlando team was doing warm ups on the court, the Bucks did not come out of their locker room, & shortly after the warm up the Magic headed back to their locker room where it was announced that both teams had decided not to play. ⁣Soon after Houston and OKC followed suit leading the NBA to postpone all games for the day. Originally some NBA players were hesitant to resume the season because they did not want to distract audiences from the protests on social injustice. In the wake of another tragic shooting the NBA has decided to stand by their players.

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