‘The Batman’ Debuts Its First Trailer

Finally, the moment all Dark Knight fans and general comic fans alike have been waiting for — Warner Bros. Entertainment debuted the first trailer for the Matt Reeves directed film ‘The Batman.’ Surprising most being that the film is arguably one of the most anticipated in DC history, the trailer has a runtime of over 2 minutes and allows viewers to get their first look at a stoic Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight along with other key characters such as Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. Reeves stressed that many of these characters are still coming into themselves; Selina Kyle is not Catwoman yet, for example. Both The Riddler and The Penguin are also early into their own criminal careers. The film was originally supposed to be released on June 21st, 2021, but because of the pandemic affecting production and other film’s releases this year, ‘The Batman‘ was pushed to October 1st, 2021. Watch the trailer here now.

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