Kanye West Releases Three Presidential Campaign Freestyles

While Kanye West has still yet to submit the proper paperwork since suddenly rekindling his desire to run for president. Making it known via Twitter and doubling down in an interview with Forbes, Kanye not only pushed the fact that he will be running but also offered his thoughts on current president Donald Trump, presidential nominee Joe Biden and how God plays into his personal campaign for president. Today, West released three freestyles aiding his presidential campaign where he drops stream-of-consciousness flows. On the first track, titled “This Is What Covid’s Made” he takes a surprising and direct shot at Donald Trump, saying “How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?” The bar is a reference to Trump hiding in a White House safe room during Black Lives Matter protests in Washington D.C. back in June. Check out “This Is What Covid’s Made,” “Though Shalt Not Kill,” and “This Is Earth” below now.

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