Buju Banton Has Released His New Album ‘Upside Down’

Marking his first LP release in 10 years, Buju Banton is back with Upside Down 2020. This new album is Buju’s thirteenth in his legendary career. The new album features the likes of John Legend, Pharrell Williams, Stephen Marley, and Stefflon Don and is led by singles “Steppa” and “Trust.” When announcing the album, Buju wrote

“As we approach this shift in time, in ages, in the consciousness of man, many things can be said, but who is really listening?” Buju wrote. “So much trouble in our world, yet are we aware? The battle lines have been drawn and it’s simple. Good vs. evil. I am not here to tell you the side you should be on, rather my offering of music is meant to inspire, uplift, educate and eradicate negativity from the minds of the masses.”

Take a listen to the new 20-track LP here clocking in at just under 73-minutes now.

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