André 3000 Releases T-Shirts To Benefit Black Lives Matter

André 3000 has released a new range of t-shirts to benefit the Black Lives Matter movement. The shirts are inspired by the jumpsuit 3000 wore during OutKast’s 2014 reunion tour and feature slogans like “across cultures dark people suffer most. why?,” “can one rest in peace & violence,” “i pray there’s a god at the end of all this” and more. In the heartfelt instagram post announcing the release André said

“Something very important is happening all over the world and it is happening to all of us,”

“How does it make you feel?” he continued. 

“For 3 days, a selection of shirts inspired by a collection of my jumpsuits will be sold and 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Movement for Black Lives @mvmnt4blklives to aid in their fight to end police brutality & racial injustice against Black people.”

Head over to his site here to purchase a shirt now.

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