KEY! Releases New Track ‘YND (Young Ni**a Dreams)’

KEY! is back with a new single from his forthcoming LP I Love You, Say It Back with YND. Rapping lyrics like

Why you gotta swerve? Why you so clean? Ni**as wanna murk me, Glock in my jeans (‘Kay then) I just wanna give back to the community Give back to the folks (‘Kay then) Get back, get back, huh Get back, get back, ho (‘Kay then) Mommy, I’ma buy you a big ol’ house (‘Kay then) Mommy, my bad, I’ma shut your mouth (‘Kay then), ayy, ayy (‘Kay then)

continuing his melodic rhyme pattern and adding on to the underground legend that he is. While we continue to wait for the release of I Love You, Say It Back on June 4th take a listen to YND below now.

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