Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRGMT Design And Uniform Experiment To Deliver A Summer Iteration Of The Burtle Air Craft Mountain Parka

Hiroshi Fujiwara is back at it once again, this time FRGMT design and uniform experiment are set to follow up the fan-cooled Burtle Air Craft Mountain parka with a summer iteration. SOPH. CO.,LTD. delivered our first look at the Air Craft Mountain version 2.0 via instagram Sunday, revealing the performance-driven nylon piece’s summer edition dark blue vest. Similar to its predecessor, two-batter-powered fans can be found on the bottom right and left corners on the back. It’s expected that the vest fans will follow the same mechanical features as the parka which will enable them to be available to use at three different settings with a USB rechargeable battery for up to 11 hours.

Look for the piece to release online at SOPH.shops May 29th

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