The North Face Is Celebrating Earth Day With A New Upcycling Initiative

The North Face has announced they will be celebrating Earth Day with a new upcycling initiative called Remade Collection. The sustainable renewed division released today featuring one-of-a-kind upcycled garments that are made using returned, damaged and defective pieces that have been inspected, washed and altered by the team at The Renewal Workshop in Cascade Locks, Oregon. From there, pieces are presented with an immense amount of reworking involved, giving each garment a completion unlike any other TNF piece. With items ranging from $50 – $400 head over to The North Face website now to purchase and also be sure to check out their issues garment repair guide below.

  1. Cover with a sew-on or iron-on patch from the craft store. You could even try making your own patch using a double-sided iron-on fusible webbing to create a temporary patch out of a fun scrap of fabric you have on hand. *Be careful though, most synthetic fabrics are sensitive to heat, so be sure to check your garment’s care label and the necessary iron settings for the patch so you don’t melt anything. It may be best to stick with sew-on patches on synthetic fabrics like fleeces or taffetas.
  1. Try some traditional Japanese sashiko mending stitches using embroidery thread and scrap fabric to patch holes. This works great on jeans and bottom-weight fabrics.
  1. Get adventurous and try overdyeing a stained garment. Consider natural dying on the stovetop using kitchen scraps like onion skins, avocado pits, or turmeric. This works on natural fiber fabrics, like cotton tees.
  1. Order a roll of Velcro to have on hand. If snaps are damaged or break off, replace with a piece of Velcro that you can hand-sew or machine-sew in place.

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