Virgil Abloh Shares Images Of First-Ever Off White x Air Jordan One Sample Shortly Before “The Last Dance” Kicks Off

Back in 2018, news broke that the Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 was supposed to have a visible airbag, and now Virgil Abloh has shared images of the first-ever sample pair he produced. As most shared their own Michael Jordan stories or Chicago Bulls memorabilia throughout the day leading up to the highly anticipated debut of ESPN’s “The Last Dance”. Virgil Abloh took to instagram to tell the story of his desire to receive Michael Jordan’s autographed as a life goal at one point, and how his Off-White x Nike “The Ten” came about stating “there was a time when getting Michael Jordan’s autograph was a major life goal… an exacto knife and this off the shelf pair of Jordan 1’s and The Ten came into fruition. This is the exact pair that kicked it off in 2016”

The sample pair seen in his uploads has been drawn on, deconstructed and worn-in. The sole unit sports a sketch of where the airbag would be, while the swoosh has been attached with blue tape and sits atop an exposed interior construction. Elsewhere, we see a collar around the top of the shoe that is stripped back to its foam base, as well as stitching at the rear-quarter that has been unpicked.

Take a closer look at the very-first Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 sample in Abloh’s post below.

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