Nick Cannon Releases The Official Trailer For The Nipsey Hussle Documentary On Dr Sebi

On the one year anniversary of the legendary late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s passing, Nick Cannon took to instagram to release the trailer for the sought after documentary ‘Strong Enemies’ — a documentary based on the life of Honduran Herbalist Dr.Sebi. The film, directed by Nick Cannon and executive produced by Nipsey Hussle focuses primarily on a 1985 trial where Dr.Sebi was sued for several criminal proceedings related to “practicing medicine without a license”, at a time where people were becoming tremendously ill and passing away from Aids, Sebi served as the beacon of hope with his natural remedies that suggested the body could heal itself if one followed Sebi’s strict diet. Although Sebi brought 77 examples of him curing the patients of Aids leading him to win the trial versus the state of New York, the case was never popularized. We have yet to receive an official release date for the documentary ‘Strong Enemies’ stay tuned for more information soon. Watch the full trailer below.

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