Kanye West’s WSJ Interview

WSJ Magazine has released a new interview titled “the creation and the myth of Kanye West”. The new extensive interview sees Kanye West touch on a multitude of things such as Virgil Abloh being appointed director of Louis Vuitton menswear, affiliation with Donald Trump, marrying Kim Kardashian, his hospitalization in 2016, comparing YEEZY to McDonalds and Apple plus much more.

Below are a few highlights we pulled from the interview

On YEEZY being as influential as McDonald’s and Apple:

“I believe that YEEZY is the McDonald’s and the Apple of apparel. In order to make the Apple of apparel the next Gap, it has to be a new invention. To invent something that’s so good that you don’t even get credit for it because it’s the norm.”

On being hospitalized in 2016 for a nervous breakdown:

“I’ve been through Deadpool. You know that movie? I had an actual mental breakdown from attempting to put together all of the pieces.”

On being ambitious:

“I do not like the word ambitious. I’m Kanye West. The word ambitious is beneath my abilities, I’m just a doer. You can see in my eyes there’s not one bit of fear.”

Check out the full interview here.


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