NFL’s Ratification Of CBA Includes A 17-Game Schedule, Expanded Playoffs, Revised Drug Policy And More

On Sunday, The NFL players voted in approval of the NFL owners new Collective Bargaining Agreement. In a close race where 1,019 players voted yes while 959 players voted no, the new agreement set to run through the 2030 season features a new 17-Game schedule which seemed to be the most debated change amongst players. Most players including Texans Defensive End JJ Watt were not in favor of the adding of another game to the regular season as what made known via Twitter

Although another game has been added to the regular season, the pre-season which most fans would agree are dreadful to watch has been shortened. Also, the playoffs will be expanded to seven teams in each conference with only one team in each conference receiving a first-round bye beginning in 2020. By far the most discussed player perk thus far is the revised drug policy that will significantly lessen punishments for positive marijuana tests, those who test positive for drugs, exhibit behaviors that indicate drug misuse, or self-refer themselves will be required to enter an “intervention program” where they would receive an evaluation and treatment plan. Testing positive for prohibited substances after that point would result in a stepped process of salary loss. The threat of suspensions however have been removed unless a player refuses to comply with testing or clinical care more than three times.

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