Mac DeMarco To Release Here Comes The Cowboy Demo Album

As done in the past, Mac DeMarco has announced he will once again release the demos his album. This time around the demos from his 2019 hit album, Here Comes The Cowboy are what’s to be released (according to Mac’s record label) on April 17th.

Here Comes The Cowboy Demo Track-list

01 Here Comes the Cowboy (demo)
02 Nobody (demo)
03 Finally Alone (demo)
04 Little Dogs March (demo)
05 Preoccupied (demo)
06 Choo Choo (demo)
07 K (demo)
08 Heart to Heart (demo)
09 Hey Cowgirl (demo)
10 On the Square (demo)
11 All of Our Yesterdays (demo)
12 Skyless Moon (demo)
13 Baby Bye Bye (demo)
14 The Cattleman’s Prayer (demo)

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