The Weeknd Releases Short Film For ‘After Hours’

The Weeknd has released a new short film that seemingly brings the stories of his previous visuals together for a much larger story. The Anton Tammi directed video begins with The Weeknd on Jimmy Kimmel performing his hit song Blinding Lights in the same red suit he’s been repeatedly seen in throughout the promotion of this album, as he leaves the show he stumbles out of the studio onto an eirie dark street as he then walks and grows angry before eventually, entering a subway where we see him being dragged rapidly by some invisible evil force down the platform until the scene cuts away, and we see a young couple enter a subway elevator. Inside is The Weeknd, looking much calmer — but as the doors close and the elevator ascends, we hear a woman screaming inside, which is presumably the newly evil Weeknd murdering the couple. Watch the new short film below now.

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