Hajime Sorayama Set To Present Two Concurrent Solo Exhibitions “Sex Matter” & “TREX” At Nanzuka Gallery In Tokyo

Next month, Hajime Sorayama will be presenting two concurrent solo exhibitions, Sex Matter and TREX at Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo. Famed Japanese Illustrator, Hajime Sorayama’s Sex Matter exhibit will display an imagined intimacy between robots emphasizing the fact that

“life is born in this world through the existence of both the male and female sex”

and suggests new issues of concern that lie beyond the themes of physical remodeling, AI and the post-human body. The second exhibit, TREX, will present five new cast sculptures the artist introduced in Bangkok, Thailand back in October. Dinosaur robot paintings depicting a Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and more will also be on display.

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#Repost @nanzukaunderground ・・・🖕 Nanzuka is pleased to present two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring new works by artist Hajime Sorayama (1947-): “Sex Matter” at Nanzuka’s main gallery space from 14th March 🦾 and “TREX” at 2G Nanzuka from 13th March 🦕 Armed with his astounding sense of realistic expressional techniques, Sorayama had developed his career since the early 1970s as an illustrator of pinups. Sorayama is known for depicting all kinds of robots ranging from human figures to animals, and dinosaurs, yet artistic evaluation of his work remains divided due to him also illustrating fetishistic female nudes from time to time. The depiction of female nudes however, is nothing special within the history of art. From the “Dodekatheon” dating back to the Ancient Egyptian era (13th century BC) to the ancient Greek “Venus de Milo” statue, the “Sleeping Venus” by Renaissance painter Giorgione, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ mid-19th century neoclassical masterpiece “The Source,” Realist painter Gustave Courbet’s controversial work “L’Origine de monde” (The Origin of the World), China’s Shunguga and Japanese Shunga (erotic art), as well as the Ensokuzu paintings of the Heian period of which they are said to have been derived, there are all too many examples to mention. Marcel Duchamp, a renowned master of 20th century art, had also depicted the figure of a naked girl in his last major artwork “Étant donnés.” In considering the history of art up to the present, the beauty of the human body that Sorayama depicts, as well as the themes that he engages with such as the intrinsic curiosity of human beings and the energy towards desire=life, could in fact be regarded as being within the mainstream of art historical discourse. 👨‍🎨🧠👁👈#hajimesorayama #sexeducation #arthistorynerd #contemporaryart #exhibition #painting #sculpture #nanzuka #hypebeast

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