KWMGRDN releases ‘Whole Hunnit’

KWMGRDN releases his new project titled ‘Whole Hunnit’ produced by Khinomyte,

When asked about the title of the project, KWMGRDN said

“Khinomyte came up with the name Whole Hunnit.. after meeting him in 2017, I noticed he would often use the phrase in conversation.. he told me it’s a play of words, low-key combining the phrases ‘whole-hearted’ by way of ‘keeping it a hunnit’.”

KWMGRDN also listed performing on big stages and collaborating with different visual artist’s as goals of his, eventually leading into “also smoking weed with famous actors and comedians.. that’s something I wanna do”

Stream Whole Hunnit here featuring 11 songs all written and performed by KWMGRDN.


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