Era Hardaway Releases ‘To: Her – Ep’

Era Hardaway has carefully curated the release of his latest EP, To: Her. Weeks ago Era kicked off the announcement of the EP by releasing the cover art of To: Her designed by graphic design guru, Jesiah, eventually Era would go on to release a series of question about love in it’s entirety creating conversation leading up to the listening party where he provided all the women with heart pendants and roses. Now the EP is release is finally upon us, with four tracks, To: Her spans 11 minutes with production from SVPXR, DJ Young Cash, Damian Vice, Othellobeats. When asked about the the reasoning behind this EP, Era said

“I wanted to create a body of work that caters to the women. In the current climate of Hip Hop Culture, there’s not enough musical content that makes our women feel special. So I wanted to film that good while also shedding light from a male perspective”

Listen to Era Hardaway’s To: Her here now.

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