Rich Paul To Launch ‘Klutch Conversations’ During NBA All-Star Weekend

CEO of Klutch Sports — arguably the most dominant sports agencies in the world, Rich Paul has announced he will be taking one the NBA’s most publicized weekends to launch a new endeavor in ‘Klutch Conversations’. Partnering up with Chicago native Chance The Rapper, Paul, 39, has said the new discussion panel will serve as a jump-start to social conversations telling CNBC

“There are no dinner-table conversations educating to what’s going on about how to understand credit, how to understand how Bob Iger is now the CEO of Disney, What does that mean? How does someone get to that point? We don’t grow up understanding those dynamics. We grow up understanding that life is hard, and it’s going to be difficult for me to make it out [of underprivileged environments].”

Head here for the complete conversation on CNBC now.

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