Kevin Parker Says Travis Scott And Being Stoned In Public Served As Huge Inspirations For His Forthcoming Album ‘The Slow Rush’

Apple Music interviewer Zane Lowe recently had the opportunity to catch up with Kevin Parker to discuss Tame Impalas’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, The Slow Rush. Meeting at Parker’s Los Angeles home, the two discussed the new album, Parker being inspired by Travis Scott and more. Speaking on working with Scott, Parker told Zane,

“It was awesome. He’s so enthused by ideas. If he has an idea or if someone has an idea, he’s into it, he’d just go for it. He doesn’t waste time kind of doubting himself or doubting things. Which is extremely valuable, because you need that burst of conviction. “Conviction is the word. I tried to take on some of that conviction when I’m working, because doubt and all that kind of stuff is poisonous in creativity.”

Later in the chat Parker also goes on to speak on how leaving his comfort zone aided him a great deal in creating this new masterpiece, telling Zane,

“I’ll do anything that gets me inspired, anything that kind of gives me, that causes those lightning bolts. I hate being stoned in public, so I’ll like get stoned and go to the shops,”

adding that “the start of one of the songs [on the album] was from that.

Check out Parker’s full interview with Zane Lowe here, and be sure to check back on the 14th for the new Tame Impala album.


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